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Pneumatic forging hammer

We design and manufacture custom forging hammers for open-die forging, and specialize in the replacement of older "traditional" hammers in challenging applications.

Our hammers are specified when "traditional" hammers cannot cope with the rigors of forging extremely hard materials, when unskilled operators routinely damage older hammers, or when more versatility in forging operations is needed.

Our hammers can reliably perform millions of blows between regularly scheduled maintenance, even in brutal applications where other hammers have repeatedly failed. Our modular design can be easily maintained in-house with ordinary tools.

A single Phoenix forging hammer can strike individual blows of any desired force (like a steam hammer), or a rapid series of blows (like a motor-driven hammer) with outstanding control. The hammer can clamp with full force for resetting tongs, hot twisting, and many other uses. This means that in many cases, a single Phoenix hammer can replace two or more older hammers, and provide much greater reliability at the same time.

Our unique modular design approach means that many features of our hammers can be customized to suit any application, and often a new Phoenix hammer can be supplied for a price that is comparable to the cost of a single rebuild of an older hammer. Please contact us with details of your application.

The Phoenix hammers embody a completely different philosophy about what a "power hammer" should be able to do, and have set a standard for performance, control and durability that no other powerhammer has yet been able to match.

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